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CQC Leadership Compliance Training

Our  Package

With step by step guide

We provide CQC compliant training to management teams of  both large blue chip companies and smaller businesses.
Our Healthcare Leadership training service takes the entire staff development headache off your hands; we manage the process from start to finish, completing  workforce training plan, training matrix and needs analysis  to the highest standard.
All your Management training needs whatever shape or size will be met by our professional training team and consultants. You will receive a fixed fee, no-obligation quote for all our training services, so that you know exactly what you are paying in advance, with no hidden costs.
Ultra Healthcare training focusses on developing outstanding managers and leaders within the healthcare sector. 
CQC Training for Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Domiciliary Agencies, Learning Disability and Supported Living. Aimed at staff in a management role such as the registered manager, deputy manager, operations manager, compliance and quality managers/directors, owners, Responsible individual, Local Authority staff responsible for Adult social care Compliance visits.
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Training for Healthcare and Social Care Leadership

Whether you provide domiciliary care ,supported living, residential care,  Semi-Independent 16+,  understanding your regulatory obligation to provide staff training is important. 

Fundamental Standards  and Key Lines Of Enquiry give guidance to providers  on the requirements to meet in order to deliver a safe, caring, effective, responsive and well led service.

Ultra Healthcare will work with providers to meet the requirement. We will support the staff team and work with your Training Department to deliver effective training that develop your management team. 

The range of training provided by Ultra Healthcare.

Diploma Level 5 Leadership and Management
Bid & Tender Writing Guidance
Quality Assurance Survey
What does Outstanding service look like?
Good Governance and its effect on CQC ratings
Management Mentorship Programme
Quality Assurance Management
Safeguarding Support
Effective and Responsible Management in Social Care
Manager & Nominated Individual CQC Interview Preparation

Why choose us to support your  Leadership and Management Training? 

At Ultra Healthcare, we have a team with many years experience in Health and Social Care  Leadership and Management. Our team has achieved success in this area. 
We know how expensive and annoying it is to devote time and not get the desired outcomes.
We provide a team of highly skilled and experienced leadership and management training staff to work with you to develop effective and resilient leaders and managers.
We know Health and Social Care business in UK, so when you speak to us, we’re well equipped to help you with whatever problem you might have regarding Leadership and Management Training.
At Ultra Healthcare, we believe in helping new and existing providers to develop their staff competencies. Effective leaders also produce good to outstanding services. Having a good to outstanding service works to your advantage. Lately most Local Authorities and Commissioner are not favouring placing their people in inadequate or requires improvement services. This has a serious bearing on providers’ viability and long term plans. Lenders and Insurance providers are increasingly becoming expensive to lowly rated providers.  However, few new and start-up businesses have the in-house expertise in leadership and  management training to enable them to compete with larger organisations. 


We believe success comes from exceptional preparation and taking an expert approach to management training. Our Training  team will work with you to thoroughly prepare and identify your strengths and weaknesses, based on experience, knowledge and service offering. Ensuring you see a quick return to training investment. 



We provide full Management services to both large blue chip companies and smaller businesses. All your  management training  needs whatever shape or size will be met by our professional training team. You will receive a fixed fee, no-obligation quote for all our training services, so that you know exactly what you are paying in advance, with no hidden costs.


Faster growth is assured when you start it right and maintain the set standards. Your path to profitability will be made easier if you choose to develop your staff team. After staff wages, staff training costs account for significant business expenses and  takes significant amount of time. This diverts limited resources especially for new and start-up companies. You would rather spend your time and effort in doing what you know best, which is to support your business to grow. 


Our training is geared at producing versatile managers who are able to support your business, not only to address today’s problems, but into the future.

With strategic leadership and management guidance, new and established managers are able to develop skills to support the ever changing health and social care sector in UK. This safeguards your business as you are assured of competent and satisfied leadership team. 


Effective and responsive Governance processes and sustainability will support the development of your service. We understand the underlying principles of Regulation 17, which when implemented effectively, it will support new and established providers. 

Our staff team has extensive experience in documentation and document management. This will work in your favour and puts your organisation at an advantage as a robust system is always need to evidence compliance. 


We have an experienced staff team. The directors have managed residential and domiciliary care businesses and some of our advisors and associates are former, CQC inspectors, Health Professionals or Local Authority Commissioners so we have a wealth of experience and expertise available to our customers.

Our team’s knowledge about CQC  or Ofsted  and related regulations and experience make it easier for us to address most challenges that we may face when we work with you. 

Our customers are at the core of our values and our approach is based on openness, transparency and value for money. 

Leadership Skills Training

Leadership & Leadership styles

We want to help you to be the best leader you can be. Our training will support your vision and mission as an organisation to achieve the best outcome based on your staff leadership style. 

Effective leadership benefits the organisation and the individual.  Types of leadership styles will also determine how much success can be achieved by an organisation. 

Good to Outstanding Rating

Our training will guide your team to outstanding CQC rating. With our tried and test methods, combined with our excellent intelligence gathering, we will support your organisation to achieve greatness through good to outstanding managers.  

Mentorship and Coaching

Our Mentorship and Coaching programme supports new and existing providers. We will work with you from inception of your business until you are able to run the business on your own. 

Our mentorship and Coaching programme is based on many years experience of our staff team who have set up  Supported Living, Domiciliary Care, Children Services, Semi-Independent 16+ Services and Employment Agencies.

We will walk with you step by step using our tried and tested strategies so that you eventually will be able to run your service independently. 

Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training

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